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Buyers Consultation-

For each and every one of the buyers I work with, I begin with the buyers consultation. During this meeting, which will take 30-45 minutes, we will go over the home buying process from beginning to end. I will discuss with you how to obtain financing, our methods for locating the home of your dreams, all of the services we offer along the way, and most importantly, the specifics of what you are looking for.

House Hunting-

From the beginning, I take looking for your new home from a very systematic approach designed to save you time, minimize your effort, reduce your stress and ensure that you get the home of your dreams. This process will be discussed thoroughly during our buyers consultation and is easily modified to suit your individual needs.

New Construction-

We are well aware that many times what the buyer is looking for just isn’t on the market. We solve this issue by maintaining strong relationships with the building community and by providing resources to our clients which allow you to research new home construction in a pressure free environment, your own home and online.

Service Referral-

During the home buying process, you will find the need to hire professionals who will provide financing, home inspection services, home warranties and a few other services. Being that most people only buy 2 to 3 homes in their lifetime, clients frequently do not know which of the professionals will best serve them. I have developed relationships based on trust and a shared value of customer service first with many of the various professionals in the real estate industry. As such, when my clients need these services I provide referrals to carefully vetted professionals selected to best serve your needs.

Documentation Assistance and Storage-

One of the biggest surprises for many home buyers is the sheer volume of paperwork that is involved and it can be intimidating. I will go over each and every form and document with you and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what you are signing each step of the way. In addition, we provide digital storage of every document involved in the purchase process for seven years. Many firms provide this service, but they provide it for a hefty fee. Your Realty Link provides this document storage and access at no charge to you.

Expert Negotiation-

In my previous life as a US Postal Service employee, I served as a union steward for 10 years. During that time I honed my skill as a negotiator in a decidedly hostile climate. Given the experience of having to bring two parties with widely divergent goals and a great degree of animosity towards each other together, I am very well equipped to bring any negotiation to a win-win agreement. This is especially true in a real estate transaction where the parties agree on what they are trying to do (sell a house/buy a house) and are simply trying to settle the terms of that agreement.

Navigating Closing-

Between the time that a sales contract is negotiated and signed, and the closing table; there are easily a thousand different things that can go wrong and kill the deal. Unless of course, you are working with an agent that has the kind experience and creative problem solving abilities we curate at Your Realty Link and specifically on The Blue Ribbon Team. Our managing broker and team leader have 45 years combined experience in this business and found ways to get homes sold in the late 1970’s when interest rates were consistently in the double digits and loan approvals always required substantial down payments. Couple this with our team approach to home sales and there are very few issues that we cannot find a way to resolve in order to get you to the closing table with the deal intact.

Contact Me-

Now that you know what to expect when buying your home, the next step is to contact me so that I can assist you. You can call 317-657-8059 , email , or use my contact form.

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