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Just Sold! 19.87 Acres in Lawrence County

Sorry, to all of you out there looking for a nice little forest to call your own.

I was very bad for not making a point to get the listing on here so you would have a chance, and now its gone. The buyer is excited to use it for his own private camping and hunting grounds.

Don’t worry though, I know where a lot of similar parcels are. Not to mention quite a few different ones.

This is one of the areas, that my being a Permaculture designer can bring great benefits to someone wanting to buy land.

Whether you are like the aforementioned family and just like outdoors sports, or you are a full on Ecowarrior and want to find land to rehabilitate and to create abundant harvests in a not just sustainable but a regenerative manner….I can help you find that perfect parcel.

My experience with Permaculture design (check out DIY Food Supply if you want to learn more about that), enables me to identify properties that are best suited for just about any use. It also gives me the opportunity to provide you guidance in how you can best utilize that land without degrading it, and to show you some very simple steps to increase the vitality of the ecosystem on it and reap the benefit of increasing its monetary value.

At any rate, sorry I didn’t get that parcel in front of you before the other buyers showed up, but don’t worry we can find another that is perfect forĀ  you. Just hit up the contact info at the top right of the page and I will get you set up.

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