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Indianapolis Home Service Contractors Needed.

When first time home buyers are looking to have minor repairs made on the house they just bought and they don’t either know someone personally or have a family member with a referral, they ask their Realtor.

When people who are selling a house and need spot work done quickly and right, so that they can get the house sold, they ask their Realtor.

When either party needs a financial professional, someone to conduct title search, home warranty insurance, inspections (be they general, for termites and other pests, foundational, flood plain or survey work), escrow accounts or even real estate attorneys… you guessed it, they ask their Realtor.

Now for the most part this isn’t an issue. Over time we all accumulate a host of business cards and referrals of great professionals in all of these businesses. They are in our industry and our clients need access, so we keep a few on hand to take care of you for us.

Every now and then though, “Our Guy” is bogged down with more work than he can handle, or the scheduling doesn’t work for some other reason… so what do we do?

Well some of us get proactive, and that’s why I am extending an invitation to everyone who provides a service that a homeowner might need, from cleaning to rebuilding; or from finance to closing… to send me an email and ask to be part of our referral service.

Clients and customers don’t worry, we wont be drawing these folks from a hat. Each candidate should include their business name, license and insurance (or bonding)¬†information, at least three references who you can expect us to contact, along with a brief synopsis of your services and what guarantees you extend to our clients. For good measure I would encourage you to include any special rates you would offer our referral clients as well.

We feel that by doing this, we benefit our clients by ensuring that the quality services they need are readily available, we benefit these referral partners by helping them to grow their business, and we help ourselves by ensuring that our customers get the highest level of service, even when the ball isn’t in our court.

So lets all help each other out. You can send your companies information to

Have a great day!

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