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Living the American Dream: Buying your first home.

Living the American Dream: Buying your first home.

One of the cornerstones of the American dream is to own your own home. In my conversations with people, I have found that a great many no longer believe they have access to that dream. Whether it is because of the burden of student loans, medical debt, underemployment, or just not knowing where to start; people just don’t think living in a house that they own is within their grasp.

I am here to tell you that it is. While housing markets are going nuts and finding the right house is a challenge, there are loan products and government based down payment assistance programs that can help most people buy a home. Sure your credit has to be above certain levels (FICO 580 can get it done, 640 will make you eligible for most first time home buyer programs, and 720 plus opens you to a wide range of possibilities), but even if your credit profile is damaged, most municipalities have programs designed to help you learn more about personal finance. Those programs can give you the skills necessary to improve your score so that you can finance a new home.

Personally, I take great joy in helping someone else (especially when they don’t think they can get there) step into home ownership. It is not just because it is how I make my living. It really has more to do with the great feeling I get when I see the proud smile of a new homeowner at the closing table. It is truly amazing.

Those views are what drove my next video. I hope you enjoy.

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