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Home Search in Indianapolis

Easy Home Search in Indianapolis

Better than 90% of all home buyers begin their home search online. It makes sense. We are in a digital age. In 2015 87% of all home buyers used a Realtor to buy their home. Lets look at what that tells us.

While most everyone started out doing it themselves…the vast majority of them used a Realtor to finish up the process. This tells me that while the internet search after work seemed easier than dealing with a salesman (which we really aren’t but most consumers and more than a few real estate agents are confused about that), at the end of the day it is simpler and more convenient for a home buyer to have a real estate professional complete the transaction with them than it is for them to DIY the whole thing.

Knowing that, why not get the full benefit of having a Realtor help you conduct your search. Here are some differences hiring a professional real estate agent can make in your home search.

Saving you time. While it is fun to window shop, after dinner in the evenings…it can also be a huge time sink for the consumer. The truth is most online searches that are available to Harry Homebuyer are not very helpful. Sure they can give you an idea of where to look. They can help you narrow your range. But they don’t know the city or neighborhood you are looking in, and they aren’t going to ask you if you prefer a country kitchen or a separate dining area…and wading through all of those unfiltered homes on your own will take up a lot of your hours.

Finding what you actually want. As I started to talk about under saving time… most online home searches do not filter far enough to narrow your search to homes you actually want. Also, unlike a live Realtor, they can’t ask you the questions that will help you find it…especially if you only have a vague idea of what you want.

Accuracy. Even the direct multiple listing service fed searches have errors. Sometimes they aren’t even errors, but because of the way stuff is coded, it will appear that a house you like is still on the market when its not. A live Realtor knows the difference. This problem is especially true on the commercial searches, you know the guys that begin with Z, T or the color red. They not only have the issues with the way our industry codes things, they also are notorious for leaving listings up for YEARS after they are off market…and don’t even get me started on the sheer uselessness of their home price estimates.

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Negotiation advantage. When you search on your own, and then contact an agent for a showing. More often than not, you are contacting the listing agent. They work for the seller. Do you think that the guy working for the seller is going to get you the best deal as the buyer? Not likely. On the other hand, when you use a buyers agent, they work for you. It is their job and their ethical responsibility to get you the best deal on the property.

So now that I have talked about how working with a buyers agent is to your advantage…how do I make it easier for you to search for your new home in Indianapolis?

For starters, I am systems based. What this means to you, is I have worked hard to create a system that narrows your home search quickly and efficiently. I do this by sitting with you and asking you a series of questions. I take notes. Then I apply the information you have given me to a search based on your criteria, the current market and my knowledge of Indianapolis. Once I have done the heavy lifting and narrowed the search, I come back to you with several optimal choices and we move forward through my process of helping you buy a home.

But what if you want to look yourself?

I can help you here to. Over at our parent website (Your Realty Link), we have an online search. It is direct fed but the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors Brokers Listing Cooperative. This means it is as updated and accurate as any localized search can be.

If you prefer to drive around areas and find homes, we also offer an FREE downloadable application that you can put on your phone. It is available at both the google play store and through iTunes for you apple fans out there. Just go to the store and search Your Realty Link. As a note, it does not have our normal logo, but a red circle with Your Realty Link in it instead.

On the other hand, if you want to take full advantage of having a Realtor do the work for you so you can have a pleasant and simple home buying process, call Robb now at 317-657-8059 or email to set up your buyers consultation.

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