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Happy Easter, here is the last week in central Indiana Real Estate- by the numbers.

At our current pace we will have a SELLERS MARKET at least through summer!

I decided to put a positive spin on the situation this week, because there is one…if you are a seller. The overall situation is moving towards a more balanced market. I mean there was a net gain of 261 homes on market in the MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) area this week. On the other hand, being that we still haven’t had this few houses on market in over twenty years, buyers are still in a bit of a pickle. Before I start my ranting, lets go over the numbers first.

  • 961 new listings
  • 212 homes back on market
  • 887 homes pending
  • 651 homes sold
  • 82 withdrawn from the market and
  • 261 listings have expired

To help show the trends, lets take a glance back at last weeks data.

  • 1156 new listings
  • 261 homes came back on market
  • 816 homes are pending sale
  • 679 homes have sold
  • 79 have withdrawn from the market and
  • 355 listings have expired

Less new listings, less homes back on market, more homes pending, more homes expired and a few less homes sold this week. The sum of all of that is last week we had a net gain of 383 homes on the market to this weeks 261. So while we are still moving towards balance, the push in that direction has slowed.

So what does that mean for the home buyers and home sellers in the greater Indianapolis realty market?

It means that if you are a seller and you have a well presented home, that is priced in market; it would not be unreasonable for you to expect a showing within 24 hours of listing and to have an offer within a week. On top of that you will likely have a full price offer and have to pay very little in closing assistance. Is that going to happen with every listing? No. Otherwise there would not have been 261 listings expiring this week. (Which by the way if you house listing expired this week, give me a call at 317-657-8059 and I will tell you the truth about why it didn’t sell and see if I can help you get it moved in this market.)

Back to my thought. While every home wont sell in less than a week for list price… a good number of them will, and those prices are starting to inch up. So like I said in the opening, this is a very good time if you are a seller in the Indianapolis housing market.

What if you are a buyer? The good news for buyers is interest rates are still low, and the builders are starting to come back online. Seriously, if you want to buy a home right now. Here is what you can expect. The market is giving very little room for price negotiation, sellers are not having to give up much in the way of concessions, and you are going to have to be willing to go see homes the day that they list if you want to have a chance at the best homes coming on to market. Its just that hot of a sellers market.

To illustrate that, the buyer that I have been working with to find a home on the north side decided to take this weekend off. It has something to do with another full price offer (asking for very few concessions) being beat out by a competing bid. In addition to that, two more houses he wanted to look at were listed pending before he could see what I sent and get off work to tell me that he wanted to go see them. The Fishers/Noblesville area is in that much of a frenzy already.

What to do now if I want to buy or sell a house?

Call me at 317-657-8059 or email and we will do everything we can to help you find the home you want.

If you want to sell this is doubly true. Right now this market NEEDS listings. This is especially true if you are in the Fishers/Noblesville area or if you are anywhere in the Center Grove (Greenwood) school district. We have active buyers who are looking in both areas who are preapproved and on time tables. So bring us in to list you and get your home sold for top dollar and quickly.

Here is my web form if you don’t want to mess with calling or opening your email.

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