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3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1800 sq ft ranch house for sale or rent

Folks, that one is going to be playing in the top 40 countdown all summer long. And it is going to be on hot summer.

Anyway, here is what is going on…

Indianapolis real estate market update:

You remember that sellers market that started revving up in 2015 and just kept growing for the last two summers?

It is still here, and it still looks to be growing. We still have frustrated buyers from last season lingering and waiting to snap up that perfect house (which is 3 br 2 ba ranch, 1800 sqft). Then on top of that, this economy is continuing to grow at a ridiculous pace, so new buyers are starting to line up.

OK, we know the buyers are there…what about the houses? Is there inventory?

The answer is “kind of”. I mean, on the whole NO, but pricing pressure finally has some new homes coming onto the market… but they are getting snapped up at a pretty quick pace.

So there is inventory… it just has a crazy high turnover and you have to shop aggressively….which is the difference a good agent makes.

So who is buying and selling? Its the same mix we were seeing before. Boomers are selling the mcmansions for smaller homes. Gen Xers are finally giving up the rental life and settling down. The Millenials are snapping up property like they know that no one is making any more of it.  So pretty much everyone is buying, and the boomers are selling.

The problem is, everyone is still buying the same house.

3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1800 sq ft ranch house

It is the most salable thing you could possibly own in central Indiana right now. The best part is, it doesn’t even have to be exactly that.

People say ranch, but the mean mostly on one floor. Lofts are fine, half second floors are fine, and the mythical dry basement is always preferred. So basically people want a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that is mostly on one floor and is 1800 square feet.

What’s that?

Oh no, the size doesn’t matter either. I mean don’t get me wrong, they will go nuts for a 2800 square foot ranch if it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths… but they seem to be selling just as quick in the 1100 square foot variety.

So what folks want is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, home that is mostly on one floor, but you really like basements, and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is?

That only seems confusing because it is a reflection of the broad market. But it is a clear image. 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch like homes are in demand. I help people buy and sell them all the time if you are so inclined.

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