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Community Resources

For the benefit of people who are relocating and would like to find all the information about Greater Indianapolis in one handy place, this page provides resources for people looking to move into different communities. Here you will find links to government resources, crime statistics, school rankings, utilities, tourist attractions, local amenities (such as parks and museums), chamber of commerce information, weather resources, news outlets and web communities.

The community resource page is divided into several categories. They are General, State, and City. The General and State links are located directly on this page and each City link will lead to a separate page with all associated locality information listed there.

General Relocation Resources

City Data – This website is a great place to find data on just about an location around the country. Information available on this site includes all variety of demographics, crime rates, school rankings and a host of other information.

City Profile at – Similar to City Data, and equally a great resource for people who are relocating.

National Weather Service – Historical and to date weather forecasts for the entire nation. Easily navigable to any locality.


Indiana Resources

Indiana Government Website – Almost any Indiana State Agency can be found through this site.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce– Statewide Chamber of Commerce Website

Indiana State Parks – A comprehensive list of Indiana State Parks

Indiana Parks and Lakes – Locations and information for lots of outdoor activities around the state (not restricted to state run parks).

Indiana Tourism – A searchable platform for locating great tourism spots around the Hoosier State.

Indiana Historical Society – Resource for those of you that want to more than just the surface information on what makes up this great state.

Map_of_Indiana_nine central counties

Cities and Towns in my service area.

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